Successful Opening Day at the Market

Addicting Pretzels 5_04_2013The morning started out with heavy overcast, yet dry conditions for this typical early spring day.  Eventually the sun burned away the clouds and stretched its rays through, adding warm pleasure to an already great morning in downtown Waukesha.

Saturday was a successful opening day at the market with beautiful weather and dozens upon dozens of vendors who eagerly awaited the opportunity to sell their products to hundreds of customers.

Craines Kettle Corn -5_04_2013It was pretty crowded when I arrived around 10 a.m., and vendors warmly greeted me and other passers by; offering up samples of their tasty foods, or providing detailed information about the products they offered.  I was moved by the colorful and elaborate layout of vendor booths, and the ease by which I was able to navigate around the market grounds. It was a truly peaceful and friendly atmosphere, and I consider myself very fortunate to live in a city that has a downtown area which offers such a fun and exciting event.


Weeks leading up to Opening Day

The stage was set for the 2013 market just a couple of short months ago.  The WDBA would manage the market and a website was created — bringing the event to life in our technological age, and providing a valuable resource for visitors and vendors alike.

With the new online resource, vendor applications began to pour in and market workers and volunteers began to diligently process all of the information.  Booth numbers were assigned, spreadsheets & maps were created, and all of the pieces of the puzzle began to take shape and form what will be recognized as one the most successful markets in our state.

You see, the Waukesha Farmers’ Market community is more than the market team and vendors who share a casual relationship for a few months each year.  We are friends, and we are a family that shares a passion for success.  Not only for each other, but for the shoppers who come to purchase quality food and items they need.


Connecting with Vendors – an Open House

Before the market started this past Saturday there was an open house meeting held on April 22nd for all vendors. Emails were sent to each vendor inviting them to attend.

Not only was this meeting time an opportunity for vendors to obtain their booth locations and for members of the market team to answer any questions they may have, but an opportunity for vendors to meet the Farmers’ Market team.  A few days before the Open House the team received this email from a dedicated vendor:

Thanks for the invite. Had every intention of coming but must stay and plant as rain is in the forecast and this spring has not offered us much so far. We can come early on the day of the Market or perhaps you can send any info we might need.

Our regrets. 


~Simon’s Gardens

The following pictures were attached in the email from Simon’s Gardens

Simon's Gardens_Pre season

Simon's Gardens_Pre season2


I am honored to be a part of this team and family of people who share such passion, and I hope to see everyone at this years Farmers’ Market in downtown Waukesha!

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