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2018 Waukesha Farmers’ Market Guidelines

  • The Waukesha Farmers’ Market hours are 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on Saturdays from May 6
    through 0ctober 28, 2017.
  • Any on-site concerns should be directed to the Farmers’ Market Manager, who is at the
    Market Information Booth.
  • The Farmers’ Market site will be located along the Fox River in downtown Waukesha.
    Approved vendors will receive their stall assignments and vendor maps at the Vendor
    Meeting on April 20, 2017. Notices will be mailed through USPS by request only. Produce
    vendors may request a maximum of two (2) stalls. All other vendors are limited to one stall.
    Each regular stall will accommodate a 10’x10′ tent. The spaces are numbered on the curb line.
    Do not go past the white markings at the front of your space. The white marks are there to
    provide an adequate amount of space in the event an emergency vehicle needs to get through.
    Every effort will be made to create an appropriate marketing environment.
  • The Market Manager will be on-site by 6:30 a.m. each Saturday. All vendors must be parked
    by 7:15 a.m. and will remain until 12:00 p.m. on Saturday. Vendors may not leave early, even
    if products are sold out. Seasonal vendors who are not in place by 7:15 a.m. may not have
    access to their regular stall. Stalls will be filled with Daily Vendors at 7:15 a.m. as necessary.
    Vendors not coming to the market must notify the WDBA 0ffice at (262) 547-2354 by 12:00
    p.m. the Friday before the market date. After 12:00 p.m. on Friday and on Saturday by 7:00
    a.m., call the Market Manager if you are not coming. You will be given the contact information
    before May 1st. If you are not at the Farmers’ Market and we have not been contacted by you
    by 7:15 a.m. your stall may be given to a daily vendor. For the safety of other
    vendors/pedestrians, if you arrive after 7:15 a.m. you will not be allowed to drive into your
    space, and all of your product will have to be hand carried. Vendors who do not abide by this
    guideline may lose their stall assignment preference in 2018. Please clean-up immediately
    following event. All vendors must be cleaned and packed up by 1:00p.m.
  • 0nly locally grown, in-season produce and flowers from Wisconsin may be sold at the
    Farmers’ Market. No wholesale loads of produce may be marketed. No brokers, agents or
    commissioned sellers. Selling products not locally grown and/or crafted in Wisconsin will
    result in expulsion from the Farmers’ Market. By signing your application you agree to
    participate in random location inspection.
  • Baked goods, canned goods, and on-site prepared foods must follow all Health Department
    rules. Necessary permits must be included with your application. For further assistance,
    please contact Environmental Health Sanitarian, at (262) 896-8326 and ask for Charlie Bloom.
    Inspections are performed by the Waukesha County Division of Environmental Health.
  • Locally made arts and/or crafts may also be sold at the Farmers’ Market. All products must be
    handmade. Craft items will be reviewed and will be rejected if found not to be handmade. All
    craft vendors must provide photos of you creating and assembling your handmade items
    before your application will be approved. No flea market-type items are allowed. Non
    produce vendors are limited to one stall during peak season. Priority will be given to food and
    garden related vendors seeking Full Season and Peak Season stalls.
  • Vendors are required to abide by all laws and regulations regarding the sale of their goods.
    Copies of all required licenses and/or permits must be with you while attending the Farmers’
  • No livestock may be sold.
  • When items are being sold by weight, an accurate scale must be used. Scales are subject to
    inspection by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture.
  • If serving food, which may leave grease drippings on ground, please place cardboard on
    ground to collect drippings.
  • A fee of $40.00 will be charged per day for those selling on a daily basis; provided there is
    space available and prior permission has been obtained.
  • Smoking by vendors is not permitted on the grounds of the Farmers’ Market.
  • Vendors may not bring pets and/or animals to the Farmers’ Market.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the Farmer’s Market.
  • Please do not leave children unattended.
  • Vendors are required to park in assigned vendor parking.
  • We will again offer gift certificates for the farmers market and you agree to accept them by
    being a Farmers’ Market vendor.
  • Garbage & Recycling: The city of Waukesha is requiring that each vendor supplies a
    container or bag taped to tent pole, one for garbage and one recyclables with a labeled
    directional sign. (i.e. trash or recyclables). The information booth will supply garbage signs.
    All vendors are expected to clean up & sweep their stall area after each market and take their
    garbage and recyclables with them. Failure to do so will result in a service fee of at least $25.00
    per infringement. Please do not use the city garbage cans.
  • Vendors found placing produce in the trashcans will be subject to a $50.00 fine from the
    Farmers’ Market. If a vendor is found placing produce in the trashcans a second time they will
    be expelled from the Farmers’ Market for the remainder of the 2017 season.
  • GENERATORS: Vendors who intend to use a generator must indicate on the application
    form. Generator use at the Market will be limited. You must have prior written or emailed
    permission from the WDBA to run your generator. Generators will be inspected by the Market
    Manager or Market staff for noise level, fumes, disturbance to neighboring vendors, and
    safety. Inspections may be made throughout the season. If your generator does not meet
    approval, you will need to make arrangements for an alternative power source the following
    week. If your generator is deemed an immediate safety problem, you will be asked to stop the
    generator immediately. 0n a space-available basis in following weeks, your stall assignment
    may be reassigned to a more appropriate location to run a generator.
  • Vendors must cooperate with the Farmers’ Market Management and obey all guidelines. If a
    problem is reported or observed, a vendor will be notified verbally, and then in writing,
    stating the problem. Failure to respond to the problem will result in termination of the vendor
    at the Waukesha Farmers’ Market without any refund of any fees.
  • A vendor identification sign will be assigned to you. This sign is the property of the Waukesha
    Downtown Business Association and its purpose is customer navigation and vendor
    identification. All vendors are required to display this sign in a prominent place in your booth
    while open in the market. You will be charged $10.00 for a replacement sign should the sign
    assigned to you become lost or destroyed. Repeated failure to display the sign in your booth
    will result in warnings and possible market termination for the season.
  • The Waukesha Downtown Business Association has established these guidelines. Any concern
    should be addressed to the WDBA at: WDBA Farmers Market, 231 W Main St, Waukesha, WI
    53186; Phone: (262) 547-2354 or via E-Mail on the website contact form.

Thank you for participating in the 2017 Waukesha Farmers’ Market