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Gitto Farm Logo

The Gitto Farm n Kitchen is a somewhat unique business in that is completely run by the Gitto Family. Greg & Carol have been blessed to be able to work together with their children in their family businesses.


●Brussels sprouts●Broccoli●Beets
●Tortillas●Pork brats●Pesto
●Grass-fed Hamburger●Honey


The vegetables that come from our farm our certified organic, through Nature’s International Certification Services (NICS). Even though we have thought about it, we have chosen not to offer a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) at this time. Since we are involved in our certified organic dairy farm, making tortillas, & doing some processed vegetables, our plate is plenty full, seeing that we do this only with the labor from our family.

Our “spicy” greens mix, spring mix, & arugula are the better half of what we grow. In addition to our greens, we grow beets, (red & gold), broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, onions, peas, peppers, spinach, tomatoes, & winter squash.

Production Practices

Yes, our vegetables are certified organic. Some farms could be able to be certified by default-by not applying certain chemicals. Organic is so much more than “not” applying something. It all starts with the soil. If we keep the soil fed, it will be able to feed the plant. We have the luxury of incorporating livestock into our farming operation. We are able to apply our compost at proper times to build our soils & provide healthy, flavorful vegetables to your table.

Since we apply no chemical herbicides, our weeds are either cultivated with a small tractor (some) or pulled by hand (most). During the summer months we imitate Santa Claus all summer long (hoe, hoe, hoe).

Please visit our website for more information.